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Here you can find out more about me and my vast banknote collection. Whilst this is primarily for my own use as reference, all are welcome to take a look.


This site is split into two main parts: British and World banknotes.


My British collection - covering all banknotes issued since 1914 in England.


My Foreign collection - covering world banknotes from all countries mainly issued since 1950s, but countries go back further.


This is a private collection, which is owned and maintained by myself.


As I am always obtaining new banknotes, I aim to update the lists and add new pictures on a monthly basis.




 All pictures on this site are scans of actual banknotes from my collection.




Thanks for taking the time to find out about my collection, and I hope that you find it useful, inspiring and informative.


Click on the links above to further look into this massive and impressive collection.


Please note that this website is formatted to work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Whilst it does work with other internet programs, you may find some pages will not display correctly.

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